HandyMice Foldable Wireless Creative Computer Mouse With Infrared Pointer
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  • Stress Relieving Foldable Mouse

The HandyMice is built from sturdy and durable material that allows it to fold in half. It’s great to use as a thinking tool to release stress when stuck on a project. Plus its lightweight materials and easy-to-click surface allow the wrist to feel comfortable and free of too many motions that can cause pain after a long day on the computer.

  • Presentation Assistant

A great feature of the mouse is its laser capabilities. During a presentation, you can use the laser pointer to provide direction. Its 4D wheel also allows you to use basic computer functions like copy, pasting, and moving charts around.

  • Works with other Devices

The HandyMice allows you to stroll and flip through your tablet or ebook. It even functions as a remote for your TV. All you need is wifi! It’s ultimately a universal device for smart devices

  • Increased Functionality

The HandyMice might seem like a lightweight, thin, simple tool but it has hidden buttons on the top and bottom that increase the functionality of your fingertips! Now you can control your computer, tv, or presentation with a simple mouse without having to access the keyboard. It’s simplicity in its finest.

HandyMice Technical Data

  • Product brand: OEM/ODM Available
  • Product model: U10
  • Optical resolution: 800/1200/1600DPI optional
  • Battery model: One AA Size
  • Operating system: WIN7/8/10/XP/IOS
  • Wireless Connect: 2.4 GHz
  • Packing Size: 175*80*40 mm
  • Wireless Distance: 5 to 10 m
  • 4D Wheel: Touch Control (With Left Click Function)
  • Desktop Working Via IR
  • Product Net Weight: 39g/62g (with battery)
  • Number of buttons: 9